First of all, click any image to enlarge it. A sweet and bubbly woman… I am authentic, funny and unique .. I think decadence in bed enhances life... And  I can't wait for you to get your hands on my amazing body with my glamour model eyes looking into yours in the most intimate moments .. My fit, perfectly-sculpted body and smooth soft skin gets you in overdrive while we unwind in our own escapade. I am exactly what you need. And you know it. Don’t you?


Originating from San Francisco. I am in no way ordinary, I stand out for the quality I bring to enjoying all aspects and hobbies in my life. Beyond that is a deeper level of connection and honesty You are open to a sparkling romantic delight. You know the woman you like is elegant, worldly. In life I have that sought after thing, - authenticity.. And I may tantalize you as I am a beautiful original.. Particularly, I find kissing to be one of the truest ways to de-stress ...






I'll bring wild deviance, a giggly attitude, and all the naughty and devilish fun I have to offer. Enjoying my own time with a man who is likewise far from ordinary. A man with imagination. You know you deserve relaxation as well as the world.






I am the one, I offer the best in companionship.


My intellectual variety and glamor may just melt your heart. My sweetness is as hot as bananas flambe with an intellectual streak, acting with true expression in our conversation and connection... I maintain many hobbies like sailing, oyster hopping, hiking, long visits to the gym and making cold pressed juice… Our dates could easily be dinner, a romantic outdoor adventure, or entertainment with the addition of our own academic banter during intermission … Varied interests include lap swimming, cycling, film, literature, dining, art, photography… and adding on tennis this summer! …  I like specialty beverages and sampling desserts. Sexiness can be spending time around others like youLet's sink our teeth in... Extraordinary bedroom experiences and lavish embraces of life. I provide positivity, intellect and authentic expression as I am your amazing companion for our date. 



I can meet you for dining or in a sensual private setting.. I will provide amazing companionship beyond comprehension. I think it's good to get to know each other via excited whispers unwinding over wine and entrees. ..I will be your wonderful companion as you. Allow me to give you a view. Longer dates and repeat connections can hold the cure to any lingering thoughts. Or if you prefer adventure over a pampered life, know there are other options as I'm a studious intellectual, student of life and art with a pre law degree.

Mona Capone - vigorously sensual (sexual) with shapely form.

Come as you are. I will share what I like during lovemaking with you throughout whatever length of time we have together. Lover of the finer things in life, I remain solidly not superficial and I like stretch marks and quirks of all varieties. Truly caring for myself inside and out: I do not smoke or drink, eat a macro diet, love fitness, enjoy having cute toes and delight in weekly holistic beauty appointments. 


Learn about me. I present no exaggeration. Any uncertainty of a “luxury” or “elite” image in person, I am 100% authentic and your expectations of our time will never fall flat in person. Please look and  read  my website. I am the best in Minneapolis. I travel to Boston,  St. Louis, Chicago and NYC and I am the best there, too.  I don’t need anything in life but travel, so if you want to do something, see you there as I am happy to be an amazing companion.